Abu Ahmad Hania



2015 Bachelor on Geodesy from UGM (unfinished)

Professional activities

Researcher on Machine Learning and Marketing, Promotion Me (2017-Now)

International publications

Ahmad-Hania, Abu. " Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks". Reports on Science and Technology. 2018 pdf

Ahmad, Abu. "Max Promotion and Sale." Journal of Promotion Technology. 2017 pdf

Publikasi Nasional

Ahmad, Abu. "Pembahasan Tentang Peluang Posterior" ULASAN TEORI DAN TERAPAN MATEMATIKA 14 (8). 2017 pdf

Ahmad, Abu. "Catatan Penting tentang Mesin Boltzmann" ULASAN TEORI DAN TERAPAN MATEMATIKA 15 (9). 2017 pdf

Ahmad, Abu. "Mengenal Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Network, dan Deep Learning" Jurnal Teknologi Indonesia. 2017 pdf